Sunday, October 22, 2006

Jim West (R) chat transcript with his boy lover

jmselton: if i thought i would marry again, i'd marry Cathy McMorris the congresswoman. motobrock34: is she nice? jmselton: very and cute jmselton: sweet is more like it. motobrock34: tell her i said "hi" motobrock34: lol motobrock34: should i be jealous? jmselton: if you work for the mayor you will meet her.
jmselton: although i think i'm cumming soon jmselton: ;_
jmselton: ;-) motobrock34: r u now?????????? motobrock34: :-P jmselton: trying to get hard motobrock34: well i am now motobrock34: lol jmselton: cool jmselton: wish i was there with you jmselton: touching you and kissing you. motobrock34: me too motobrock34: r u gonna? motobrock34: i will if u will motobrock34: lol jmselton: cum jmselton: sure jmselton: imagine i'm touching you jmselton: and stroking you motobrock34: mmmmmmmm jmselton: and kissing you motobrock34: my chest jmselton: and rubbing my hands over your chest and across your ass. jmselton: and sucking on your nipples jmselton: and stroking your hard hard cock motobrock34: i am freaking rock hard now jmselton: yeah jmselton: well i want you harder jmselton: harder motobrock34: it feels 200 degrees jmselton: i want you to take my hard dick in your hand motobrock34: ok jmselton: and stroke it motobrock34: yeah jmselton: and we'll rub our dicks together. (etc., etc.)

More grossness (warning: it get's worse) at Jim West really knows how to rock Spokane, huh?


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