Friday, November 03, 2006

Rublicans are raping the planet; just ask one if they care

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What do you bet that the person who cuts down the last old growth forest, eats the last fish, buys the last gallon of gas, will be a republican?

When I read that story last night, I quietly became a vegetarian-in-training. I love chicken and seafood, but enough is enough. I don't want to rape the planet any more.

I was scrolling through PubMed last night reading studies on rape. I was particularly struck by one, which claimed that convicted rapists had as much empathy for victims of rape as non-rapists -- except for their own victim. Apparently, cognitive dissonance enabled the rapists to justify their own actions regarding their own victim and yet still recognize the damage caused by another rapist.

Republicans are gang-raping the planet, shitting in their own beds, and pretending the slutty earth asked for it by wearing such provocative resources. Then, when the damage is indisputable, they will claim someone else did it. Or possibly another excuse, that the earth was intelligently designed to be raped. Lay back and enjoy it, Gaia.

I should go back to PubMed, and look for studies describing how to elimate cognitive dissonance in rapists.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Tim Johnson (R-ILL) doesn't want you to save money

Tim Johnson is a shill for Big Corp who voted to slow your internet connection down AND make it more expensive while he's at it. You won't be able to visit some sites at all, especially if they help you save money.

There is no profit for Big Corp if you save money, so you won't have access to those sites that will help you to do so.

Just try finding prescription drug interaction information without using the internet, because soon you won't be able to use such a handy tool to help your family. All because Johnson voted in favor of Big Corp Profits instead of helping you.

Have a gander here at Tim Johnson's (R-ILL) voting record on Net Neutrality, the innocent little bill that makes you pay more.

More Republican Barbara Cubin Crap

More Republican Barbara Cubin Crap

is a summary of her voting record. It is interesting and there are embedded links that take you to another screen where you can see that she strongly opposes or strongly favors certain questions. I even found it educational and I kinda pay attention.


from the ever resourceful docangel, bless her! (Unless she's a him, so hard to tell with angels)

Republican Barbara Cubin Crap:

Cubin's Crap:

Here is a link to her receiving an F from the Drum Major Institute for support of the middle class.

Here is what is available at dkospedia - mostly fun facts about how incredibly moronic and immature she is.

Here is a small blurb by Mother Jones. Embedded in the Mother Jones' article is a link to Roll Call, Cubin's Little Secret. Unfortunately, I'm not a member and can't access the article.

Here is the article available from Wikipedia. It is quite good, actually. There is nothing positive in the article, but it isn't overly biased. It is basically just reporting the facts - when she has made the news and why. It's never for a good reason.

Here is a Carpetbagger report/opinion on her racist comment about not being able to sell guns to any black people because they must all be drug addicts.

Here is an article by Irregular Times. It gives her a score based on her voting record of how progressive she is (the score is 0) and also gives her a regressive conservative score of 78, listing the votes that make this so.

docangle over at DailyKos was kind enough to put together this list.

Why Did Lieberman (R) Need $400,000 in Cash?

Petty cash disbursements over $100 are illegal. So why did the Lieberman campaign need around $387,000 in petty cash during the last few weeks of the primary? No answer to the question, and no admission of error.

Lieberman has a huge amount of cash, put up by lobbyists, corporate interests, right-wing Republicans to help fund the Senator they love. He's using this money, at least 8% of it, in cash donations to, well, we have no idea. That is illegal for a reason, because it opens up the door to all sorts of devious and unethical activities if everyone acted like Joe.

And the Lieberman campaign isn't even acknowledging error, when the action they took is clearly illegal. I mean I can understand they might have screwed up, though this is a pretty large mistake. But it's also illegal, blatantly so, and it's something you should cop to immediately, and fix. That's just good politics.
So anyway, why do you think Joe needed $387,000 in cash?

The preceeding excerpts on Joe Lieberman's scandal were cheerfully borrowed from Matt Stoller at

[edit: Matt can have the excerpts back if he wants them, but unfortunately now they're dirty just like Lieberman]

Sue Myrick (R) Christians Hypocrites the list is endless

How can they profess to be christians and allow such filth into their hearts?

Here's some scoop on incumbent Rep. Sue Myrick R-NCAmway running in NC-09 against Bill Glass:
Sue Myrick inducted into the adultery hall of fame for cheating with a neighbor and abandoning her husband/father of her children.
Sue Myrick tells tales of things God has told her and her husband via a talking coffee maker and a sand dune altar.
Sue Myrick and the Amway connection.
Sue Myrick questions about her knowledge of Mark Foley, since she's been a deputy Republican whip since 2003.
Sue Myrick and her protection of oil and energy companies.
Sue Myrick the only NC member of the House to vote for CAFTA.

Jim West (R) chat transcript with his boy lover

jmselton: if i thought i would marry again, i'd marry Cathy McMorris the congresswoman. motobrock34: is she nice? jmselton: very and cute jmselton: sweet is more like it. motobrock34: tell her i said "hi" motobrock34: lol motobrock34: should i be jealous? jmselton: if you work for the mayor you will meet her.
jmselton: although i think i'm cumming soon jmselton: ;_
jmselton: ;-) motobrock34: r u now?????????? motobrock34: :-P jmselton: trying to get hard motobrock34: well i am now motobrock34: lol jmselton: cool jmselton: wish i was there with you jmselton: touching you and kissing you. motobrock34: me too motobrock34: r u gonna? motobrock34: i will if u will motobrock34: lol jmselton: cum jmselton: sure jmselton: imagine i'm touching you jmselton: and stroking you motobrock34: mmmmmmmm jmselton: and kissing you motobrock34: my chest jmselton: and rubbing my hands over your chest and across your ass. jmselton: and sucking on your nipples jmselton: and stroking your hard hard cock motobrock34: i am freaking rock hard now jmselton: yeah jmselton: well i want you harder jmselton: harder motobrock34: it feels 200 degrees jmselton: i want you to take my hard dick in your hand motobrock34: ok jmselton: and stroke it motobrock34: yeah jmselton: and we'll rub our dicks together. (etc., etc.)

More grossness (warning: it get's worse) at Jim West really knows how to rock Spokane, huh?