Sunday, October 22, 2006

Why Did Lieberman (R) Need $400,000 in Cash?

Petty cash disbursements over $100 are illegal. So why did the Lieberman campaign need around $387,000 in petty cash during the last few weeks of the primary? No answer to the question, and no admission of error.

Lieberman has a huge amount of cash, put up by lobbyists, corporate interests, right-wing Republicans to help fund the Senator they love. He's using this money, at least 8% of it, in cash donations to, well, we have no idea. That is illegal for a reason, because it opens up the door to all sorts of devious and unethical activities if everyone acted like Joe.

And the Lieberman campaign isn't even acknowledging error, when the action they took is clearly illegal. I mean I can understand they might have screwed up, though this is a pretty large mistake. But it's also illegal, blatantly so, and it's something you should cop to immediately, and fix. That's just good politics.
So anyway, why do you think Joe needed $387,000 in cash?

The preceeding excerpts on Joe Lieberman's scandal were cheerfully borrowed from Matt Stoller at

[edit: Matt can have the excerpts back if he wants them, but unfortunately now they're dirty just like Lieberman]


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