Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sue Myrick (R) Christians Hypocrites the list is endless

How can they profess to be christians and allow such filth into their hearts?

Here's some scoop on incumbent Rep. Sue Myrick R-NCAmway running in NC-09 against Bill Glass:
Sue Myrick inducted into the adultery hall of fame for cheating with a neighbor and abandoning her husband/father of her children.
Sue Myrick tells tales of things God has told her and her husband via a talking coffee maker and a sand dune altar.
Sue Myrick and the Amway connection.
Sue Myrick questions about her knowledge of Mark Foley, since she's been a deputy Republican whip since 2003.
Sue Myrick and her protection of oil and energy companies.
Sue Myrick the only NC member of the House to vote for CAFTA.


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