Sunday, October 22, 2006

Republican Barbara Cubin Crap:

Cubin's Crap:

Here is a link to her receiving an F from the Drum Major Institute for support of the middle class.

Here is what is available at dkospedia - mostly fun facts about how incredibly moronic and immature she is.

Here is a small blurb by Mother Jones. Embedded in the Mother Jones' article is a link to Roll Call, Cubin's Little Secret. Unfortunately, I'm not a member and can't access the article.

Here is the article available from Wikipedia. It is quite good, actually. There is nothing positive in the article, but it isn't overly biased. It is basically just reporting the facts - when she has made the news and why. It's never for a good reason.

Here is a Carpetbagger report/opinion on her racist comment about not being able to sell guns to any black people because they must all be drug addicts.

Here is an article by Irregular Times. It gives her a score based on her voting record of how progressive she is (the score is 0) and also gives her a regressive conservative score of 78, listing the votes that make this so.

docangle over at DailyKos was kind enough to put together this list.


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