Friday, November 03, 2006

Rublicans are raping the planet; just ask one if they care

(MetaFilter has more discussion.)

What do you bet that the person who cuts down the last old growth forest, eats the last fish, buys the last gallon of gas, will be a republican?

When I read that story last night, I quietly became a vegetarian-in-training. I love chicken and seafood, but enough is enough. I don't want to rape the planet any more.

I was scrolling through PubMed last night reading studies on rape. I was particularly struck by one, which claimed that convicted rapists had as much empathy for victims of rape as non-rapists -- except for their own victim. Apparently, cognitive dissonance enabled the rapists to justify their own actions regarding their own victim and yet still recognize the damage caused by another rapist.

Republicans are gang-raping the planet, shitting in their own beds, and pretending the slutty earth asked for it by wearing such provocative resources. Then, when the damage is indisputable, they will claim someone else did it. Or possibly another excuse, that the earth was intelligently designed to be raped. Lay back and enjoy it, Gaia.

I should go back to PubMed, and look for studies describing how to elimate cognitive dissonance in rapists.


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